Product description

Bluehost offers 3 hosting plans with three types of hosting services.

  • Shared hosting: accessible and basic. Suitable for small businesses and blogs.
  • VPS: you share a server with other users. This is the solution to go with when you are making a transition from a small to a big player. The shared hosting platform may not offer enough, while the dedicated hosting one is still a loose fit.
  • Dedicated hosting: you have your own server. Recommended for large websites and online stores.


The service is promoted as being easy to use, quick to install and efficient in all its operations. Beginners first trying their hand at being site owners will surely enjoy it, especially since it has one of the easiest to use and one of the best website builders on the market. But this is no deterrent for people who are a bit more tech-savvy, as they will still have some cool features to enjoy.

Tech Profile

This hosting service claims to offer:

  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited e-mails
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 9% Uptime guarantee
  • A dedicated IP
  • Domain privacy
  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • Secure FTP accounts


Marketing Features

This hosting service claims to offer:

  • Google Adwords ad credits worth $100
  • Facebook ad credits worth $50
  • Yahoo ad credits worth $50
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • One click WordPress installation for those who already have ManageWP; WordPress endorsement
  • Social Network Scripts.


Costs per Packages

Bluehost is a hosting service that comes with three separate plans, to cater to the needs of a variety of users. These are the Basic, the Plus and the Business Pro plans. The Bluehost Basic Plan is valid for 1 website with a storage space of 50 GB. It includes the domain. To it, you can add 5 e-mail accounts with up to 100 MB storage space per account. The cost of this service is of $ 3.49 a month for a compulsory period of three years. The Bluehost Plus Plan is meant for a number of 10 websites of 150 GB storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. You can add up to 100 e-mail accounts within the limit of 500MB each. The package also includes SpamExperts and Global CDN. Its cost starts at $ 5.95 a month for a three year minimum. The Bluehost Business Pro Plan is the one that really makes good with the promise of unlimited everything, from storage space to bandwidth and e-mail accounts. The extras in this case are SpamExperts, Domain Privacy, and Sitebackup Pro. Also, there is a $200 bonus in marketing offers for this package alone. Costs in this case start at $13.95/month for the same minimum of three years. Contracts can be signed for shorter  periods, the minimum being of 12 months. However, the price per month increases in this situation.


Although Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting solutions on the market, it does have some downsides. For starters, it advertises its incredibly cheap starter solutions while focusing on the unlimited options of the more advanced packages. Also, there is no month-to-month payment possibility. It’s just one year with a higher fee per month, or three years for the minimum amount mentioned. Another thing some users have discovered is that it has some pretty aggressive up-sell strategies. But this does not affect the performance of the platform. It is just annoying. It lacks Windows-based servers and some users have contested their 99.9% uptime claim. However, concerning the later downside, the parameters within which Bluehost situates itself in this respect are neither the best, nor the worst. Actually, it is pretty good. Also, customer service experiences differ from one user to another. And there is the matter of fees charged for changing service providers. In this case, most companies take on the task of helping the new client transition for free. Bluehost does not.


Bluehost is a good hosting service and a very solid option for anyone just starting in this field. It really is very easy to use and install, and its starter pack is incredibly accessible. And if you get a good deal on your starter pack, you can get down to work in no time.